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About Us

My love for two wheels started like most children, in a dirt lot on a PW50.  It is a sport that has been passed down in the family from my Great Grandpa. I was Daddy’s little girl, but that did not stop my Dad from giving me the bug. I loved riding.  I loved the rush I felt when the gate dropped and the freedom it gave me.  My love for the sport brought me to the to the top when I received my WMX Pro license in 2012.  In 2014 I suffered a career ending injury breaking my L4, L5, and S1 vertebrae while training in Mesquite. After a spinal fusion, I wasn’t sure I would ride a dirt bike again, but I was determined to get back on two wheels.  I took up downhill mountain biking to build stability in my core and feed my desire for adrenaline. I wouldn’t race a full season again until 2020.

My husband and I had our fist child in December of 2019.  It’s true that children change you. Prospective shifts from wanting more for just yourself, to wanting the most for your child. I wanted to help better the community that I grew up in so when I pass it down to my child, he could enjoy it as much as I did.  During a summer vacation to Canada, we met a single mom and her son at Green River MX Park in British Columbia.  She’d never ridden a dirt bike, but that didn’t stop her from getting her little boy to the track to ride. From coaching, to encouragement and even some trackside mechanic work, the families at the track came together like a second family. That’s what our community is about. It goes beyond winning races and chasing championships. It’s about the growing the community and creating a better culture. 

Our mission is to help promote off-road racing and dirt sports.  Whether it be UTV’s, ATV’s, dirt bikes, mountain bikes or anything in between, we want to grow the sport.  We want to see more women and children at the track.  We want parents who have never thrown a leg over a dirt bike to feel comfortable and safe bringing their child to a track. This is our dream for a Dirt Culture.     

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